Margaret Lidkea Trains Six Team Leaders for Invasive Plant Removal in Uplands Park

Report from Margaret:

Congratulations to our new Team Leaders for the Invasive Plant Removal Project:  Louise Goulet, Anna Graham, Val Aloian, Gavin Gentles, Margaret MCCullough and Christina Johnson-Dean

On Sunday these wonderful volunteers took a 2 hour training to become registered with the Oak Bay Parks Department. As Team Leadersm, they can supervise groups wanting to remove invasive plants throughout the Fall, and in some circumstances at other times of the year is specified sections of Uplands Park.

This means the Friends of Uplands Park can remove much more ivy and Daphne and we can educate more people.

If anyone is interested in a specific date please email me and I will contact the group to see if anyone is available.

Remember that you must have a Team Leader to supervise any invasive removal in Uplands Park.  People removing invasives without OB Parks permission create problems.  One year a bunch of dry weeded Scotch broom caught on fire and threatened the neighbouring houses.  In the meadow the fire destroyed several plants and resulted in a hugh regrowth of Scotch broom from seeds. Other people have really disturbed the soil and this has an adverse effect on native plants.  Other people have also planted non native plants to make the park “more beautiful”.  This desecrates the Garry Oak ecosystem.

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