Blackberry Thorns May Help Discourage Bikes in Uplands Park

I walked my bike through Uplands Park last week (I did not ride my bike) and managed to pick up 3 separate blackberry thorns. OK, I had first parked my bike right beside the Blackberry Patch while I was picking blackberries, so this is likely where I managed to collect all those thorns, rather than on the trails. In any case, this lead to three trips to Oak Bay Bikes & 3 new inner tubes. Oak Bay Bikes only found one thorn each time my tire went flat, thus the 3 successive visits. Riding a bike is prohibited in Uplands Park because of all the endangered species, but maybe the possibility of blackberry thorns (and rose thorns too) will help keep all bikes, even those being walked, out of Uplands Park? I hope I learned a lesson here, much as I love to wander through Uplands Park pushing my bike in one entrance and out another. Mostly I hope we can get a bike rack at the Midland entrance to Uplands Park, where the big blackberry patch is found. Lots of community members are picking blackberries in Uplands Park these days and the blackberries are plentiful and very beautiful. (Posted by Kathleen)

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