Uplands Park – Growing a Forest of European Ash

A couple of Friends of Uplands Park volunteers met early in Uplands Park, on September 23rd, to assess how many European Ash saplings had sprouted up and to flag them for possible removal at a later date. More than 200 saplings were flagged, and this was only a drop in the bucket. European Ash is characterized by a black bud shown by the images below, courtesy of Wikipedia. Other images show examples of flagged saplings in Uplands Park.

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See Also:
WILD PLANTS OF UPLANDS PARK, OAK BAY by T.C. Brayshaw Sept.1990 (Revised 1991)

Uplands Park Management Plan 2005 ISMPlan
From the Uplands Park Management Plan: European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) – “Planted in the 30’s; now well established as 100’s of saplings and young trees and 1000’s of seedlings in southern areas and encircling the central meadow.

Wikipedia entry for information on European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

Gallery Of Images of European Ash.

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