Broom & Ash Bash – Day 2 – Oct 21-2012. Thank you.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out today to help out with Day 2 of the Friends of Uplands Park 2012 Broom & Ash Bash. The Girl Guides worked on Broom Bashing and other community members, notably UVic students from Dr. Lauzon’s class, and the Scouts, focused on European Ash removal. The weather was perfect and the enthusiasm of all the participants infectious and inspiring. Hundreds of European Ash and Broom plants were removed. Mayor Jensen stopped by to congratulate all the participants for their hard work and shared a photo with the exuberant Girl Guides. Oct 21-2012 photos are below. Please let me know if you want an original, or, if you want me to remove any of these photos. Apologies if these photos are a bit fuzzy… in my preoccupation with Ash Bashing, the camera inadvertently got set to a strange setting. But .. what an amazing day it has been!

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