Bike Racks for Uplands Park Welcomed – Nov 4, 2012

The Friends of Uplands Park is so pleased to welcome bike racks, newly installed at two of the entrances to Uplands Park. One set of racks (pictured below) is located on the grassy area beside the parking lot at the entrance to Cattle Point, across from the new Uplands Park sign. The other set is located at one of the entrances along Dorset. These bike racks have been generously funded by Oak Bay Rotary. They were installed by Oak Bay Parks staff in time for the November 4, 2012 Tree Appreciation Day, an annual event organized by Oak Bay Parks, and, this year, held at Uplands Park. Mayor Jensen was on hand to acknowledge the importance of these new bike racks and encouraged folks to enjoy a bike ride to Uplands Park, but to walk through the Park. Bike riding through Uplands Park, is not allowed, because biking, even along the trails, causes extensive damage to the many rare plants in Uplands Park.

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