Tree Appreciation Day Transforms Beach Drive Entrance to Uplands Park – Nov 4, 2012

There was a great & hard working turnout for Tree Appreciation Day on Sunday November 4th, and the weather was so perfect. Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day is an annual event, arranged and hosted by the Oak Bay Parks Department. This year, Tree Appreciation Day activities took place at Uplands Park, in collaboration with the Friends of Uplands Park, and with many community volunteers. In preparation for Tree Appreciation Day, Oak Bay Parks removed a number of Elm trees that were growing in Uplands Park, along Beach Drive, to the south of the new Uplands Park sign. Elm trees are not native to the Garry Oak Meadow ecosystem and today this area was transformed and replanted with many native plants. We planted Garry Oaks, Indian Plum, Mock Orange, Ocean Spray, Arbutus, our native Hawthorn, and many bulbs associated with Garry Oak Meadows. Mayor Jensen opened the event and Councillors’ Herbert and Kirby, along with members of Oak Bay Rotary, the Community Association of Oak Bay, the Oak Bay Green Committee, the Girl Guides, the new Oak Bay Environment Committee, and many others who were just out for a walk, all pitched in to help with the digging and the planting. Here are some photos:

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