Heritage of Uplands Park Panel Event – A Wonderful Evening (April 16-2013)

Excerpts of email from Margaret Lidkey to the Friends Of Uplands Park “Friends”.

April 17, 2013

Congratulations Kathleen on a wonderfully organized presentation last night on the Heritage of Uplands Park. Thank you to the Oak Bay Heritage Committee for partnering with us.

I enjoyed the diverse types of presentation of the 5 experts on the panel, from scientific research to spiritual and activity-based human connections to the “biotheatrical performances” of the ecology over the last 15,000 years. The evening projected Uplands Park as an extremely important part of the long-term heritage of Oak Bay.
This definitely supports the Friends of Uplands Park call to the OB Official Community Plan to include natural areas like Uplands Park in the visioning discussions of the Advisory Panel.

Thank you to the 5 panel presenters: Marion Cumming, Darcy Mathews, Ben Clinton-Baker, Dr. Larry McCann and Dr. Richard Hebda.
Thank you to the volunteers at the welcoming table, helping with food and to those who brought food.
Thank you to Mayor Nils Jensen for his opening comments….. Thank you to the 75 people who attended and for their kind donations ….. which will be split with the Heritage Committee.

I hope this presentation helped to foster the belief that people can learn to “live IN Uplands Park and not ON Uplands Park”… and to become part of that natural community. We all need to belong.

In appreciation and gratitude,
Margaret Lidkea, Co-Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park
Creating opportunities for stewardship, education and inspiration


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