A Wonderful Celebration! Camas Day: Celebrating 20 Years of Girl Guides in Uplands Park.


From Margaret Lidkea, Co-chair, Friends of Uplands Park
Dear Friends.. Thank you all so much for your support and participation of Camas Day – Celebrating 20 years of Girl Guides helping in Uplands Park. I loved the Bald Eagles band and watching the girl guides run around having so much fun and learning things too. They seemed to greatly appreciate the new Girl Guides of Canada Garry Oak Restoration crests that they earned, especially since it is the 20th Anniversary. I believe that this connection with the current Chatham Guiding members of Oak Bay will increase the involvement of the girls, leaders and families for our Fall 2013 Broom Bash Oct 19 and 20. Mark your calendars! Remember that the Municipality of Oak Bay needs our restoration project. There would never be enough taxpayers’ revenue to do this “Extreme Weeding”. This Garry Oak Ecosystem Restoration project involves leadership, community involvement and environmental stewardship. These are the pillars of Guiding. Cheers to all of you!

Uplands Park_2012_05_08_KathleenMatthews_IMG_6880Kathleen Matthews, Co-chair, Friends of Uplands Park, also expresses her appreciation for a wonderfully successful event. The music of the Bald Eagles was fabulous. The Girl Guides were so inspiring. All of our volunteers were incredible. CAOB, our Community Association of Oak Bay, once again, became a wonderful partner in our annual Uplands Park celebration event, looking after all things tent related. The Opening Welcome from Oak Bay Councillor, Tara Ney, and Acting Mayor, Michelle Kirby was so supportive our work in Uplands Park. The help and enthusiasm from Chris Hyde-Lay at Oak Bay Parks continues to be so appreciated. Special mention of Silk Road Teas who donated our wonderful tea And, to everyone, volunteers and visitors who came out to celebrate with the Friends of Uplands Park and the Girl Guides.. a big THANK YOU. And a thank you to the weather for giving us an absolutely beautiful warm sunny (not too windy) day.

Here are some photos from Camas Day 2013. (Please let me know if you want any of these taken down.) Please send me your photos, if you like, and I will add some them to our website.

















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