Nice Afternoon for “Sea of Camas” Nature Walk in Uplands Park

IMG_2111 About 18 people joined Margaret Lidkea for a vibrant Sea of Camas Nature Walk in Uplands Park, on a lovely Sunday afternoon (May 12, 2013). The Central Meadow was beautifully in bloom with Camas and even a few Shooting stars, and a White Camas (not to be confused with the Death Camas). We learned about the cultivation of the Camas Meadows by the First Nations. Also present in the Central Meadow is a growing population of Yellow Rattle, native to BC but perhaps a concern for our Uplands Park Central Meadow? Margaret shared her knowledge of the rare plants in the Central Meadow vernal pools where we saw tall woolly-heads, water-plantain buttercup, and popcornflowers. We also saw some deer prints in the wet area bordered by Mountain Sneezeweed, evidence that deer are sometimes in Uplands Park. Here are some of the photos from our Mother’s Day Nature Walk in Uplands Park.








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