Rare Water Plantain Buttercup in Uplands Park

Ranunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7674arWater Plantain Buttercup (Ranunculus alismifolius) is found in only two places in Canada.  Small fragmented patches, around a vernal pool, and a trail running through, are in Uplands Park. Thanks to Libby & Rick Avis, who joined the April 28th, Friends of Uplands Park Spring 2013 Nature Walk, for sending these photos.Ranunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_5075aarRanunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7673arRanunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7671ar




Images taken by Kathleen Matthews, a few days later, show the foot prints and bike tracks on the trail through these rare plants.IMG_1542


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