Vernal Pools Nature Walk in Uplands Park with James Miskelly (May 26, 2013)

Biologist James Miskelly, ecologist for the DND and Board member for Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary, led a fascinating tour of the vernal pool ecosystems in Uplands Park.  Thank you James.

The rain held off and about 16 community members enjoyed the Friends of Uplands Park Nature Walk and learned about some of the 31 rare plant species in Uplands Park that are associated with wetland and vernal pool ecology.

We learned about the Graceful Cinqfoil, Toad Rush, Montia LinearisTall Wooleyheads (red listed), Tall Buttercup (wetland exotic), Bigleaf Lupin, Chocolate Lily, Winged Water-Starwort (blue listed),  Straight Beaked Buttercup, Scouler’s Popcornflower, Yellow Rattle, Mountain Sneezeweed, Water Plantain Buttercup (red listed), and Indian Consumption Plant.

Here are some photos from today’s walk.



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