Update: Friends of Uplands Park Broom Bash – Saturday Oct 19 & Sunday Oct 20

Broom Bash Update from Margaret:

The Broom Bash had 80 people working 168 hours removing invasive plants in Uplands Park, mainly along the entrance road to Cattle Point.  The Girl Guides, especially most of Neala’s 4th Guides, removed Scotch broom from the main part of the park.  Cattle Point invasives that were removed include broom, English ivy, Daphne and even a couple of Holly trees.  Volunteers included Girl Guides, general community people, Scouts, UVic students and members of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay.
Original Posting:
2013 Broom BashPlease come along and help us remove invasive plants or encourage the volunteers.
Invasive plants have been removed from Uplands Park by volunteers for 20 years.
Girl Guides will be removing Scotch broom and the public will work on removing English ivy and possibly evergreen Daphne from some of the Garry oak trees along Beach Drive.  We might also have a group focusing on the invasive tree saplings of the European ash, supposedly planted many years ago as boulevard trees when there was going to be another street parallel to Beach Drive.  It is a pretty tree in urban areas but a problem in natural Garry oak meadows.
Attached is the poster (PDF version)  2013 Broom Bash poster

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