“The Marine Environment of Oak Bay” – Event sponsored by FOUP/EAC – Feb 19-2014 at Windor Park Pavillion [7:00pm]

Invitation to hear three experts talk about “The Marine Environment of Oak Bay”.
This event is sponsored by the Friends of Uplands Park and Oak Bay’s Environmental Advisory Committee

MarinePosterLoRes Feb 19-2014 FOUP eventDate: Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Windsor Park Pavilion – Upstairs sports room. Windor Park, Oak Bay


  • Melissa Frey, RBCM on Biodiversity and Bio-invasions: how globalization has changed our local marine communities;
  • Gavin Hanke, RBCM, on Intertidal Fishes: a Marginal Life;
  • Geoffrey Newell, Friends of Uplands Park Expert on Birds of the Salish Sea

Refreshments will be served. Donations welcome.

MarinePosterLoRes Feb 19-2014 FOUP event

PDF of poster MarinePosterLoRes Feb 19-2014 FOUP event

Please feel free to circulate poster.

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