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FOUP Uplands Park and Cattle Point Bird Walk – Saturday, July 26-2014

Email received from David Newell:

On Saturday, July 26, (Note that this is a Saturday!) Geoffrey will be leading his Friends of Uplands Park Bird Walk.
Please meet at 9:00 a.m. in the large parking lot out at the end of Cattle Point.
Uplands Park is at the north end of Willows Beach in Oak Bay. After observing sea and shore birds, we will head inland into the park. L
earn the calls and beautiful songs of warblers as we walk through the extra-ordinary Garry Oak Meadow Community.

Please bring a friend!
Cheers from David, Brigitte, Geoffrey and Jean Newell!

Wayne Raven Photo Uplands Park July 2014 P1060480

NIGHT WALK UNDER THE “SUPER MOON” – Cattle Point – July 11-2014

Ron Carter sends this announcement
Friday, July 11, 7:30-9:00 pm
Oak Bay Kiwanis Tea Room to Cattle Point Star Park and back to Oak Bay Kiwanis Tea Room

July 2014 Embrace the Night Supermoon_Page_1A MONTHLY, 1 HOUR EVENING STROLL THROUGHOUT OAK BAY.
July 2014 Embrace the Night Supermoon_Page_2Details:
On behalf of the Community Association of Oak Bay, Ron Carter, Embrace the Night Coordinator says:
By definition, a “Super Moon is when the full moon coincides with having it’s closest orbit to earth and creating the illusion of being up to 14% larger than other full moons. During our walk we hope to catch the moon as it rises over the ocean from the horizon. Just a sideshow of course from our real purpose of a 1 hour stroll throughout beautiful Oak Bay minus the need for our “devises”. We also enjoy mingling and meeting new people while we walk far away from our evening chores, domestic ties and sedentary habits.
Starting Location: The Oak Bay Kiwanis Tea Room at the foot of Dalhousie Street in Willows Beach Park.
The Route (approximate): Beginning and ending at the Tea Room, we will walk along the eastern waterfront to catch the moonrise and perhaps a few new pieces of the summer art now in place.
Finishing Location: Cattle Point Star Park back to the Willows Beach Park Tea Room
Note: If you like, bring binoculars to enhance the experience to see the full moon up really close or catch some of the interesting feathered fauna along the shoreline.

PDF OF POSTER July 2014 Embrace the Night Supermoon

Uplands Park Photo Ramble – July 6-2014

Uplands Park so very dry but still the most beautiful walk in Oak Bay! Grasses as tall as an elephant’s eye. Mountain Sneezeweed is just starting to bloom. Hardhack is beautiful pink and fuzzy. Indian Plum fruits are starting to shivel and leaves are yellowing from drought. Camas seeds are shiny black in their pods and seedpods of Shooting Stars are a lovely pastel orange. Oak trees are sprouting new bright green leaves to replace those devoured by caterpillars and small acorns are starting to emerge. Onion rampant in some of the meadows and it is the time for seeds. 

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