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Birding in Uplands Park – 9:00AM on Saturday, November 29, 2014

Email from David Newell

Hello Friends of Uplands Park:
Sat. Nov. 29 at 9:00 a.m. is the next birding with Geoffrey. There will be a second walk on Saturday, December 13 at 9;00 a.m. as well. If you are also interested, you may join in on the annual Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, December 20. If you are interested in joining the CBC, please email us and we will contact you by phone. Please meet in the large parking lot at the end of Cattle Point. At the end of the walk, we will have to view the brand new, exceptionally beautiful kiosk at the park entrance! Hope to see you there!


Wayne Matthews - Heron Sept 28-2014 P1060729

Photo Credits: Wayne Matthews


Horned Owl:

Wayne Matthews - Owl - June 11-2014 P1060400

Photo Credits: Wayne Matthews

Uplands Park Invasive Plant Removal Event – Ivy Off the Oaks – Sunday, November 30-2014 1:00pm – 3pm

Please join the Friends of Uplands Park and volunteer to help remove invasive ivy from Uplands Park.
Meet at the lower parking lot at Cattle Point
Sunday, November 30-2014
1:00pm – 3:00pm
2014 Nov 30th FOUP Ivy Poster
PDF of Poster 2014 Nov 30th FOUP Ivy Poster

Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day 2014 @ Uplands Park – Some Photos

Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day – Nov 2-2014, Uplands Park
Here are some photos celebrating community members planting Garry Oak Trees and Camas Bulbs at the 2o14 Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day, held at Uplands Park, Nov 2-2014. Also, a few photos of people engaging with the new Uplands Park Kiosk. The annual Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day is organized and hosted by the Oak Bay Parks Department. Friends of Uplands Park members are active participants.

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Photos from the cameras of Britt Swoveland, Wayne Matthews, and Kathleen Matthews

New Uplands Park Kiosk Celebrated on Tree Appreciation Day – November 2, 2014

The new Uplands Park Kiosk was unveiled on November 2, 2014 at the annual Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day. Community members came to plant Garry Oak trees and Camas bulbs and to be present for the unveiling. Mayor Nils Jensen gave a wonderful talk about the history of Uplands Park, and acknowledged the leadership of the Friends of Uplands Park in bringing the vision of a new Kiosk into reality.

The beautiful watercolours of artist Briony Penn tell the cultural and ecological story of Uplands Park and outline the challenges and responsibilities of caring for this endangered ecosystem. Matthias Reinicke, of Lime Design Inc., provided all the graphic work for the 4 KIOSK Panels. Oak Bay Parks Department, under the leadership of Chris Hyde-Lay, constructed the beautiful cedar structure framing the KIOSK panels. A map featuring the main trail network in Uplands Park will help visitors understand the scale and diversity of Uplands Park.

Friends of Uplands Park Co-Chairs, Margaret Lidkea and Kathleen Matthews thanked the many people who contributed content, ideas and expertise these past three years, from the initial visioning, through the approval and fund raising process, and throughout all phases of content development and editing.

Our funders are gratefully acknowledged: Oak Bay Council, the Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society and the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria. A special thanks also to GOERT for their expert input regarding the species in Uplands Park, and, to James Miskelly for his research on the timeline.

Here are some photos taken by people who celebrated the unveiling of the KIOSK with us. Their photos record how happy we are to have been part of the development of the KIOSK and reveal how pleased we are with the outcome.

Photos from Britt Swoveland:
KIOSK - Britt - 10733305_10204419393499039_2020423315_o KIOSK - Britt - 10752345_10204419375298584_885335449_o KIOSK - Britt - 10756436_10204419390938975_1706495187_o KIOSK - Britt - 10804304_10204419392019002_1126487774_o



















Photos from Hazel Braithwaite:
uplands unveiling 2- Hazel Braithwaite Nov 2-2014 uplands unveiling 1- Hazel Braithwaite Nov 2-2014












Photos from Cairine Green:
KIOSK Photos Nov 2-2014 Cairine Green 10441057_301766996697759_8701196601223643656_n KIOSK Photos Nov 2-2014 Cairine Green 10603661_301766963364429_1588237536450729744_n











Photos from the camera of Kathleen Matthews:
IMG_1692 IMG_1703 IMG_6912 IMG_1723

Oak Bay News Article Features New Uplands Park Kiosk Unveiling At Oak Bay Tree Appreciation Day Event – Sunday November 2, 2014.

An Oak Bay News article, [October 30-2014] announces the “unveiling” of the new Uplands Park KIOSK.

Please join us on Sunday November 2, 2014, at Uplands Park, between 10:00AM and Noon. The KIOSK opening is happening during Oak Bay’s Tree Appreciation Day activities so we will be planting trees and bulbs at Uplands Park. The Mayor of Oak Bay will have the honour of leading off the celebration and unveiling the KIOSK.

The attached photo shows the original Briony Penn watercolour, being received by Margaret Lidkea and Kathleen Matthews, Co-Chairs of Friends of Uplands Park. Briony’s watercolour will be featured on one of 4 panels on the KIOSK and celebrates the seasonal round of flora and fauna at Uplands Park.

Other KIOSK panels present a map of the Uplands Park main trail network, a storyboard illustrated by Briony’s watercolours and depicting the special features of Uplands Park, and, a timelime/chronology of this very special place.


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