Photos – Willow Beach Seine Net [RBCM & FOUP] – June 14, 2015.

The Willows Beach Seine Net, hosted by the Friends of Uplands Park, and, presented by the Royal BC Museum, [June 14-2015 – low tide] attracted many folks of all ages. The photos tell the story of the Seine Net out in the eel grass off Willows Beach, with folks of all ages pulling in the net and sifting through to find sea life. Thanks to Margaret Lidkea, of FOUP, for providing nets and small containers to transport the sea life from the net to the RBCM holding buckets. Thanks to the RBCM scientists for showing the sea life to the crowd and sharing facts about each one. All sea life was returned to the ocean at the end of the show and tell. A truly beautiful day. A truly exciting event.

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