Uplands Park Birding – Saturday, July 25,2015 @ 8:00AM

On Behalf of Geoffrey and David Newell:

Hello Friends of Uplands Park:

Geoffrey’s next birding on Saturday July 25 will have an earlier start: please meet at 8:00 a.m. out at the end of Cattle Point
before going into Uplands Park. The fall migration has started and has been fantastic: Band-tailed Pigeons, Cedar Waxwings,
Orange-crowned Warblers, Pacific-slope Flycatchers. We also had four Black Swifts the other day, a first for the park!
The Mountain Sneezeweed and Ladies Tresses are in full bloom now as well, adding to the enjoyment of the walk!

Hope to see you there!
Geoffrey and David Newell

Please remember its an 8:00 a.m. start. It gets too hot for the birds
later than that…

Mountain Sneezeweed (photo by Kathleen)

Mountain Sneezeweed – photo by Kathleen

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