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Oak Bay’s Active Living Guide features FOUP’s Fall Program – [2015]

Uplands PArk Kiosk and entry sign IMG_3751If you have not already seen Oak Bay’s Fall 2015 Active Living Guide, FOUP’s 2015 Fall events & programs are featured on page 86. And.. on page 1, the Mayor’s Message acknowledges the work and accomplishments of all the many FOUP volunteers. See: PDFs attached. 3program-guide-f2015-mayors-message and 3program-guide-f2015-parks [FOUP Fall Program]

Also, the original watercolour by Briony Penn, of the Uplands Park Seasonal Wheel that highlights the new Uplands Park Kiosk, is now hanging in the lobby of Oak Bay’s Municipal Hall.
Briony's Seasonal  Wheel at City Hall IMG_3919

Friends of Uplands Park Broom Bash – Oct 2014 – Thank you to all our Volunteers

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who came out and worked so hard at the annual Friends of Uplands Park Broom Bash, Oct 18-19, 2014. The weather was amazing. The work accomplished just wonderful.

Thank you to the Girl Guides, Pathfinders, Sparks, Brownies, Scouts, the Trefoil Ladies, Mount Doug Students, Glen Lyon Students, UVic students, Friends of Uplands Park, Community Members, and, Members of Oak Bay Council (Mayor Jensen and Councillors Murdoch and Herbert).

A special thanks to the Victoria Green Team for partnering with the Friends of Uplands Park in hosting our Broom Bash and bringing out a new group of volunteers and energy.

A huge thank you to Kevin Webber and Wylie Thomas, who, with their stewardship expertise and dedication, provided leadership and mentor-ship for our volunteers, and helped each day with the set up and take down of all our FOUP “stuff”.

Also, our gratitude and thanks to Margaret Lidkea, Friends of Uplands Park Co-Chair, who masterminds our annual FOUP Broom Bashes and ensures we have volunteers invited, good weather, tools, gloves, tarps, hot tea, juice, cookies, and an exuberant enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge of the Uplands Park ecosystems. And for arranging for tents, with our thanks to Oak Parks, should the weather have been blustery. And of course, our thanks to Oak Bay Parks who will be along during the week to pick up all the material we collected.

Here are a few photos from our October 2014 Broom Bash. More photos are available on FLIKR at the URLs provided under each slide show:

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Selected photos from Saturday October 18, 2014. Also see more photos in the FLIKR album at

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Selected photos from Sunday October 19, 2014. Also see more photos in the FLIKR album at

Friends of Uplands Park Annual Weekend Broom Bash – Oct 18 & Oct 19, 2014 [Saturday & Sunday]

Friends of Uplands Park and the Greater Victoria Green Team host the Annual Uplands Park Broom Bash
2014 BroomBash & Green Team poster


Sat.October 18, 2014 [1pm to 4pm]
Sun.October 19, 2014 [1pm to 4pm]

Bring your family, tools (loppers and pruners) and gloves to join in the fun of weeding out Scotch Broom, Ivy, Daphne and European Ash. Meet at the Beach Drive entrance to Cattle
Point and sign in at the Registration Table. Become a “Friend of Uplands Park”. Walk, Bus, Bike or Carpool!

Partnering with Oak Bay Parks
Contacts: Margaret Lidkea 250-595-8084 & Kathleen Matthews 250-598-7995

PDF of Broom Bash Poster: 2014 BroomBash & Green Team poster

Update: Friends of Uplands Park Broom Bash – Saturday Oct 19 & Sunday Oct 20

Broom Bash Update from Margaret:

The Broom Bash had 80 people working 168 hours removing invasive plants in Uplands Park, mainly along the entrance road to Cattle Point.  The Girl Guides, especially most of Neala’s 4th Guides, removed Scotch broom from the main part of the park.  Cattle Point invasives that were removed include broom, English ivy, Daphne and even a couple of Holly trees.  Volunteers included Girl Guides, general community people, Scouts, UVic students and members of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay.
Original Posting:
2013 Broom BashPlease come along and help us remove invasive plants or encourage the volunteers.
Invasive plants have been removed from Uplands Park by volunteers for 20 years.
Girl Guides will be removing Scotch broom and the public will work on removing English ivy and possibly evergreen Daphne from some of the Garry oak trees along Beach Drive.  We might also have a group focusing on the invasive tree saplings of the European ash, supposedly planted many years ago as boulevard trees when there was going to be another street parallel to Beach Drive.  It is a pretty tree in urban areas but a problem in natural Garry oak meadows.
Attached is the poster (PDF version)  2013 Broom Bash poster

Update: Many Volunteers Contributed Many Hours to Stewardship in Uplands Park – Oct-Nov 2012

Update on volunteer activity in Uplands Park, from Margaret Lidkea:

BROOM BASH on October 20 and 21:

107 PEOPLE CUT DOWN BROOM, IVY, DAPHNE AND INVASIVE EUROPEAN ASH! Included were over 50 Girl Guides and families with 107.5 volunteer hours, 4 groups of UVic students and many concerned community members. Total volunteer hours is 225.5. See photos from Oct 2012 Broom Bash here

About 60 people, including 28th Girl Guides, the 1st Trefoil group, and other community people participated in the Oak Bay Parks 3rd annual Tree Appreciation Day at Uplands Park, learned how to plant trees, shrubs and acorns properly and went on a nature walk with Kathleen Matthews. The 28th Girl Guides carried and dragged the biggest Garry Oak tree sapling and planted it in the hole where the previous Girl Guide tree was planted 2 years ago. It turned out to be an English oak, so we needed to replace it. The English oak will be replanted elsewhere in Oak Bay. The girls then planted camas, nodding onion and Hooker’s onions around the base of the tree. THANK YOU 28th Guides!

Other volunteers helped with the planting of Garry Oak and Arbutus trees, Indian plum, Ocean spray, Red-flowering currant and native hawthorn bushes and native onion bulbs, camas bulbs and camas seeds in the area to the right of the new Uplands Park sign. Several invasive European elm trees were removed in that area, so it is a good practice to replant with native species asap. Next year the area on the other side of the Uplands Park sign will be the site of the Tree Appreciation Day. THANK YOU to all who participated and supported our invasive removal and restoration events.

Photo by Margaret Lidkea.

Photo by Kathleen Matthews. More photos here.

Margaret Lidkea and Kathleen Matthews, Co-Chairs FOUP

Broom & Ash Bash – Day 2 – Oct 21-2012. Thank you.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out today to help out with Day 2 of the Friends of Uplands Park 2012 Broom & Ash Bash. The Girl Guides worked on Broom Bashing and other community members, notably UVic students from Dr. Lauzon’s class, and the Scouts, focused on European Ash removal. The weather was perfect and the enthusiasm of all the participants infectious and inspiring. Hundreds of European Ash and Broom plants were removed. Mayor Jensen stopped by to congratulate all the participants for their hard work and shared a photo with the exuberant Girl Guides. Oct 21-2012 photos are below. Please let me know if you want an original, or, if you want me to remove any of these photos. Apologies if these photos are a bit fuzzy… in my preoccupation with Ash Bashing, the camera inadvertently got set to a strange setting. But .. what an amazing day it has been!

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Broom & Ash Bash – Day 1 – Oct 20-2012 – Thank you

THANK YOU to everyone who came out today to help out with Day 1 of the Friends of Uplands Park 2012 Broom Bash… which we might rename as the 2012 Broom & Ash Bash. The Girl Guides worked on Broom Bashing and other community members, notably UVic students from Dr. Lauzon’s class, and one lone Scout, focused on European Ash removal. The wind almost blew down our Broom Bash sign but the weather otherwise held and great work was accomplished. Thank you so much to ALL participants. We have one more day of our Annual Broom Bash – Sunday Oct 21 – from 1-4, so please come and help out. Oct 20-2012 photos below. Please let me know if you want an original, or, if you want me to remove any of these photos.

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