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Signs of Spring in Uplands Park – Sunday, March 24-2013

The Friends of Uplands Park Birding Group was in the Park for a couple of hours this AM (Sunday March 24, 2013). A Bird list will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here are some signs of spring.

IMG_0897 Birders Walk

P1040017 Golden-crowned sparrow

P1040012 Spotted towhees

IMG_0893 Shooting Stars

IMG_0916 Fawn Lily Looking up

Fawn Lily March 24-2013_IMG_0915 Fawn Lily

Resilience & New Life – Uplands Park Burn Revisited – September 30-2012

On the evening of August 23th, 2012, a wildfire spread through a section of the central rocky areas in Uplands Park. The small Garry Oak Oak trees were scorched. All the leaves were brown or blackened. All the undergrowth was charred. I took a set of photos on August 28th, 2012 and posted them at I took a second set of photos on September 30, 2012. It was so exciting to see new green leaves on many of those scorched Garry Oaks. Even more exciting was to see new Garry Oak seedlings emerge at the base of some of the other scorched trees. Also, new shoots had appeared at the base of one of the burned Indian Plums. The resilience of life in our Garry Oak Meadows is awesome. Here are those photos.

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Fire in Uplands Park – August 23, 2012.

Chris Hyde-Lay, Manager of Park Services, Oak Bay, has advised the Friends of Uplands Park of a fire, in the central rocky area of Uplands Park, that took place around 10pm on August 23, 2012. Chris noted: “It was about 75 m square. A little bark scorching to some of the small Garry Oaks.” I took photos of the burn on August 28, 2012. (Perhaps too many photos.) The burn extended to an area where FOUP had done a lot of broom removal in October 2011. This is the same area where there was another fire many years ago (2003?). I have photos of that burn as well, somewhere, and the same little Oak trees were scorched in that previous fire. Slideshow seems to present the images in a random order so hard to follow the actual spatial relationship of the photos.

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