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Friends of Uplands Park Nature Walk Series (Spring 2014)

Friends of Uplands Park Nature Walk Series (Spring 2014)

Please join us this spring for our free nature walk series. Explore Uplands Park rain or shine with volunteer naturalists from Friends of Uplands Park. Rocky paths may be wet so wear suitable shoes/boots.  No washrooms; no dogs please. Meet at the Uplands Park sign on Beach Drive (across from the parking lot at the entrance to Cattle Point).  Free Drop-In.

Blooming Fawn Lilies in Uplands Park Sunday April 27, 2014  [1 to 3 pm]P1020285

Uplands Park springs awake in March and April with lovely Indian Plum blossoms, Satin flowers and Chocolate Lilies. Emily Carr’s delightful “Easter Lilies” [Fawn Lilies] brighten the trails in Uplands Park as puddles recede. The rocky outcrops are alive with green moss, and the Nootka Rose and Garry Oaks swell their buds and blooms of other rare wildflowers appear. Bring your camera and a smile to greet the spring.

The Sea of Camas in Uplands Park  Sunday May 11, 2014 [1 to 3 pm]CamasBlossom_KM Camas meadowThe Garry Oak Meadows of Uplands Park become a sea of blue Camas flowers that sparkle with yellow Western Buttercup and Springold. Camas bulbs are a traditional First Nations food staple and the Camas meadows in Uplands Park are a legacy of this cultural heritage. Learn about the different types of Camas, other wildflowers, the challenges of preservation and what we can do to help this endangered ecosystem.

Vernal Pools NOT Mud Puddles in Uplands Park  Sunday June 1, 2014  [1 to 3 pm]Green Vernal poolP1050752Vernal pool

Uplands Park “mud puddles” are actually vernal pools in the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem. Many of the 31 rare plant species in Uplands Park are associated with the Garry Oak meadow wetland vernal pool ecology. Come discover these pools, learn how they are formed and discuss how you can protect them.


Tidal Pools & Sea Birds at Cattle Point – Uplands Park  Sunday June 15, 2014 to [11:00 am – 1:30 pm]

DSCF3605Low tide at Cattle Point offers an opportunity to view a diverse ecology in tidal pools and sub tidal crevices. Learn how to tread softly on the rocks to find anemones, crabs, and to watch the birds interact with this foreshore ecological niche. Bring binoculars and wear water shoes/boots. RBCM marine scientists will be in attendance with displays and to contribute their expertise and knowledge.

Birding in Uplands Park – Saturday January 25, 2014 9:00 AM

Join Birder Geoffrey Newell of the Friends of Uplands Park in a bird walk from Cattle Point through Uplands Park.  Meet at Cattle Point by the first boat launch.  Bring binoculars, bird books or checklists or simply show up to enjoy the outing, rain or shine. Suitable for those over 12 years.
Saturday (not Sunday) January 25-2014 – 9:00 AM


New Date for Spider Program – Sunday Sept 29-2013.

From Margaret:

Hello Friends
The Spider Websites Program was cancelled today because of the stormy weather and the Tour de Force Bicycle Race.

It is postponed until next Sunday, September 29 from 2 to 4 pm.

This is after the Annual Oak Bay Community Bike Ride and events on Willows Beach which goes from 10 to 2 pm. The Spider Program is from 2 to 4 pm, up the stairs from Willows Beach and the poster is attached.

2012 Spider Websites poster-1

2012 Spider Websites poster-1

Tidal Pools & Sea Birds “Nature Walk” at Cattle Point – A Fun Time for all (Sunday June 9, 2013)

FOUP Co-Chair Margaret Lidkea sends the following message about the Friends of Uplands “Park Tidal Pools & Sea Birds” event that took place at Cattle Point on Sunday, June 9, 2013.

Sunday was so much fun!  It was good to look up on the shore and find so many people talking sharing information.  Who said it would be a great idea to have a geology day??? 

And Margaret adds, for all our FOUP Steering Committee Members who came out and participated:

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR BEING ON THE STEERING COMMITTEE AND HELPING WITH THE TIDAL POOL EVENT!!! Thanks Ben for arranging for Annette, to Chris for organizing the Tidal physics (I copied your handout to my computer) and to Carol for sending us a list and suggesting that we have a Cattle Point Flora and Fauna list on our website!  I feel blessed to have you in my life. Lady Suzanne, is now on our Steering Committee. She is a biologist and a Homeschool parent, so we plan to run a family event each month starting in September. Here are some photos of us, but does not include the Red rock crab because we were anything but crabby.

HUGE HUGS, Margaret

Uplands Park Nature Walk – Tidal Pools & Sea Birds (10:30AM – Sunday, June 9-2013)

Sunday June 9 10:30 to 1 pm Tidal Pools and Sea Birds P1030274
Low tide at Cattle Point offers an opportunity to view a diverse ecology in tidal pools and sub tidal crevices.  Learn how to tread softly on the rocks to find anemones, crabs, and to watch the birds interact with this foreshore ecological niche.  Bring binoculars and wear water shoes/boots. Hosted by The Friends of Uplands Park.

Vernal Pools Nature Walk in Uplands Park with James Miskelly (May 26, 2013)

Biologist James Miskelly, ecologist for the DND and Board member for Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary, led a fascinating tour of the vernal pool ecosystems in Uplands Park.  Thank you James.

The rain held off and about 16 community members enjoyed the Friends of Uplands Park Nature Walk and learned about some of the 31 rare plant species in Uplands Park that are associated with wetland and vernal pool ecology.

We learned about the Graceful Cinqfoil, Toad Rush, Montia LinearisTall Wooleyheads (red listed), Tall Buttercup (wetland exotic), Bigleaf Lupin, Chocolate Lily, Winged Water-Starwort (blue listed),  Straight Beaked Buttercup, Scouler’s Popcornflower, Yellow Rattle, Mountain Sneezeweed, Water Plantain Buttercup (red listed), and Indian Consumption Plant.

Here are some photos from today’s walk.



Rare Water Plantain Buttercup in Uplands Park

Ranunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7674arWater Plantain Buttercup (Ranunculus alismifolius) is found in only two places in Canada.  Small fragmented patches, around a vernal pool, and a trail running through, are in Uplands Park. Thanks to Libby & Rick Avis, who joined the April 28th, Friends of Uplands Park Spring 2013 Nature Walk, for sending these photos.Ranunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_5075aarRanunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7673arRanunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7671ar




Images taken by Kathleen Matthews, a few days later, show the foot prints and bike tracks on the trail through these rare plants.IMG_1542