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Birds, Hardhack & Mountain Sneezeweed – Uplands Park – July 28-2013

P1040496P1040487 An enthusiastic group met to day at 8:00AM, at Cattle Point in Uplands Park, to enjoy the Friends of Uplands Park monthly Sunday Bird Walk, led by Geoffrey and Dave Newell.
P1040494 The “mystery” patch of beautiful yellow flowers is Mountain Sneezeweed, fronting an expanse of Hardhack, and lining either side of one of the muddiest winter-spring paths into the Central Meadow. The muddy path is actually a vernal pool and full of what seems to be algae in the spring, now appearing as dry gray sheets at the base of the Sneezeweed.IMG_3228IMG_3214IMG_3208IMG_3237

Blooms enjoyed in Uplands Park while Bird Watching – June 30-2013

A great group met June 30-2013 at 8:00AM, at Cattle Point, to Bird Watch in Uplands Park. Some interesting blooms and seed heads also observed:













Great Camas, Nootka Rose, Honeysuckle Blooming in Uplands Park (May 25, 2013)

IMG_2603 Byways and trails in Uplands Park are beautiful with Great Camas, Nootka Rose, Honeysuckle, and so much more. Blue-green seed pods of Common Camas fill the meadows among blooms of other species.  Birthday photo-ramble for Blake.

IMG_2556 IMG_2557 IMG_2581

IMG_2299IMG_2516 IMG_2505 IMG_2477 IMG_2475 IMG_2472 IMG_2458 IMG_2342 IMG_2327 IMG_2317 IMG_2312 IMG_2308 IMG_2268

Rare Water Plantain Buttercup in Uplands Park

Ranunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7674arWater Plantain Buttercup (Ranunculus alismifolius) is found in only two places in Canada.  Small fragmented patches, around a vernal pool, and a trail running through, are in Uplands Park. Thanks to Libby & Rick Avis, who joined the April 28th, Friends of Uplands Park Spring 2013 Nature Walk, for sending these photos.Ranunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_5075aarRanunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7673arRanunculus alismifolius - Uplands Park Victoria_MG_7671ar




Images taken by Kathleen Matthews, a few days later, show the foot prints and bike tracks on the trail through these rare plants.IMG_1542


Fawn Lilies and a Camas in Bloom (April 1-2013)

Not an April fools joke. An early Camas is in bloom. A field of Fawn Lilies blooming in the area of the August 2012 burn. Silhouette of the Central Meadow Climbing Tree. A big vernal pool still holds water while most of the others are dry. And an ant.





Signs of Spring in Uplands Park – Sunday, March 24-2013

The Friends of Uplands Park Birding Group was in the Park for a couple of hours this AM (Sunday March 24, 2013). A Bird list will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here are some signs of spring.

IMG_0897 Birders Walk

P1040017 Golden-crowned sparrow

P1040012 Spotted towhees

IMG_0893 Shooting Stars

IMG_0916 Fawn Lily Looking up

Fawn Lily March 24-2013_IMG_0915 Fawn Lily

Fire in Uplands Park – August 23, 2012.

Chris Hyde-Lay, Manager of Park Services, Oak Bay, has advised the Friends of Uplands Park of a fire, in the central rocky area of Uplands Park, that took place around 10pm on August 23, 2012. Chris noted: “It was about 75 m square. A little bark scorching to some of the small Garry Oaks.” I took photos of the burn on August 28, 2012. (Perhaps too many photos.) The burn extended to an area where FOUP had done a lot of broom removal in October 2011. This is the same area where there was another fire many years ago (2003?). I have photos of that burn as well, somewhere, and the same little Oak trees were scorched in that previous fire. Slideshow seems to present the images in a random order so hard to follow the actual spatial relationship of the photos.

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