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Vernal Pools Not Mud Puddles – June 1-2014. Nature Walk – Friends of Uplands Park

Vernal Pools Not Mud Puddles
Nature Walk hosted by Friends of Uplands Park
SUNDAY JUNE 1, 2014. 1 – 3 pm
Meet at the Uplands Park Sign on Beach Drive

2014 Vernal Pool posterUplands Park “mud puddles” are actually vernal pools in the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem. Many of the 22 rare plant species in Uplands Park are associated with wetland vernal pool ecology.

Discover these pools with botanist James Miskelly, And Friends of Uplands Park Co-Chair Margaret Lidkea and learn how they are formed and discuss how you can protect them

Wear waterproof shoes or boots, bring your camera and enjoy seeing some of the smallest and rarest plants ever.

PDf of poster:  2014 Vernal Pool poster

Signs of Spring in Uplands Park – Sunday, March 24-2013

The Friends of Uplands Park Birding Group was in the Park for a couple of hours this AM (Sunday March 24, 2013). A Bird list will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here are some signs of spring.

IMG_0897 Birders Walk

P1040017 Golden-crowned sparrow

P1040012 Spotted towhees

IMG_0893 Shooting Stars

IMG_0916 Fawn Lily Looking up

Fawn Lily March 24-2013_IMG_0915 Fawn Lily

Endangered & Threatened Plants in Uplands Park Vernal Pools

Vernal pools are pools that exist in the spring, not in the summer, and created by rain in the fall and winter.  They are depressions in the bedrock and do not drain.  This provides a very special habitat niche for a unique set of plants in the brief spring window.

Uplands Park has been designated as a key site for Garry Oak Ecosystem Vernal Pools. A number of endangered and threatened plants are found in the Uplands Park Vernal Pools, including Macoun’s Meadowfoam (red-listed, E-FLORA BC page), Water-plantain Buttercup, (red-listed, E-FLORA BC page) ,  Tall Woolly-heads  (red-listed, E-FLORA BC page),  Kellogg’s Rush (red-listed, E-FLORA BC page), winged water starwort (blue-listed, E-FLORA BC page),  popcorn flower (red-listed, E-FLORA page), mountain sneezeweed (blue listed E-FLORA BC page)

Here are some photos of the vernal pools in Uplands Park. Those in bloom were taken on May 25th, 2012. Other photos were taken Jan – March 2012. Sadly, trails go through the middle of some of the vernal pools and bike tire tracks and foot prints (dog and human) compromise these rare ecosystems.

Vernal Pools in Jan – May

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