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October – November 2011 Broom Bashing Activites

From Margaret Lidkea, Broom Bash Coordinator Extraordinaire:

“We had 133 people on the Broom Bash weekend (Oct 22-23, 2011) and I have had another group of 17 last Sunday (October 30, 2011).  The Anderson Hill ivy removal by Monterey Middle School has 28 students that will continue each Wednesday afternoon during November.”

Uplands Park 2011 Broom Bash Poster & Pictures

Photos – 2011 Broom Bash in Uplands Park
(Saturday October 22, 2011)
(Sunday October 23, 2011)

The Broom Bash was a great success:
133 people volunteered 265 hours.

Sweeping Uplands Park Clean – Oak Bay News Article
(published Oct 19, 2011 about Oct 22-23, 2011 Uplands Park Broom Bash)

Photos from 2010 Broom Bash in Uplands Park