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Uplands Park Camas Day Celebration & Victoria Native Plant Garden Tour

Friends of Uplands Park is hosting its annual Camas Day Celebration and at the same time partnering with the Victoria Native Plant Garden Tour on Sunday May 4 from 1 to 4 pm in the grassy field at the entrance to Cattle Point on Beach Drive. Oak Bay Parks has a nice web page announcing this event at

 PDF of 2014 Camas Day NPG Poster

2014 Camas Day NPG Poster -1We also need volunteers to help with organizing activities, putting up and taking down 8 tents, tables, signs and activity materials  and helping with running activities:
*dressing up as Garry Oakley
*face painting
*bubbles, sidewalk chalk, colouring/drawing with crayons etc
*parachute games
*making leaf prints with acrylic paint on fabric & hanging them up
*Un-nature Trail
*Making displays:  including one of native plants and another of invasive plants…include brochures
On the grass: *dancing *juggling *sketching, painting, & other inspirational activities!
*looking after invasive removal tools & getting people to sign up how many hours
*showing people some of the invasive plants and why they need to be removed
*removing invasive ivy and helping people do it the right GOERT way
*showing people how to make ivy crowns
*helping at the Information Table:
Poster for Garden Tour 2014Also volunteers to help with the Native Plant Garden Tours around Uplands  Park
*giving out information for the NPG Tours
*organizing people for the next tour
*looking after tea and goodies & donations
*enrolling people as friends
*talking to people as a native plant expert to talk about how the plants would grow in a garden


Baking or other snacks & drinks also appreciated: To go with the Silk Road Tea and to encourage donations to FOUP.
Please contact Margaret Lidkea, or Kathleen Matthews, kathleenmatt@gmail as soon as you can.

Three Birding Events with Geoffrey Newell – Friends of Uplands Park Announcement

Announcement from Dave Newell:
Three Birding Events with Geoffrey Newell

Hello Friends:
Three very capitivating birding events are coming up. Please bring a
friend, as everyone is very welcome!  The events are free.

Firstly, on this coming Sunday, April 27, Geoffrey will be leading a
trip for the Capital Regional District Parks out at Witty’s Lagoon, in
Metchosin.  Please meet at the Nature House at 9:00 a.m. We will
return to the nature house at about 11:00 a.m.  At that time of year,
it is the beginning of the spring migration for sandpipers: Western,
Least and Semi-palmated can be expected.   You will learn to identify
up to 60 species of bird by sight, song and call.  Please meet at the
nature house at 9:00 a.m.   You will need to be aware that you will be
walking down and then up a long steep hill to the lagoon, going at a
slow birder’s pace though.
For more excellent out-of-door experiences within the CRD Regional
Parks, please follow this link to their spring schedule:

Secondly, on Sunday, May 4, Geoffrey will be leading his Friends of
Uplands Park Bird Walk.  Please meet at 9:00 a.m. in the large parking
lot out at the end of Cattle Point.  Uplands Park is at the north end
of Willlows Beach in Oak Bay.  After observing sea and shore birds, we
will head inland into the park.  Learn the calls and beautiful songs
of warblers.  The wild flowers will also be at their peak!  Many
thanks go to the numerous people who, over the years, have put in so
many good efforts to remove invasive species!  To learn more about the
flora and fauna of Uplands Park and its many scheduled events go to:

Then on Saturday, May 10, from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m., Geoffrey will be
participating in World Migratory Bird Day at the south end of Beaver
Lake Park.   If you would like to learn about the many associations
involved in the concern for birds in the Victoria area, there will be
several tented displays sure to attract those who have a keen interest
in birds.  The day is presented by the CRD Regional Parks, the
Victoria Natural History Society, and the Rocky Point Bird
Observatory.  Join in the guided bird walks and the mist-netting,
hummingbird and passerine bird banding demonstrations.   There will
also be crafts and games for younger children. This annual event is
always very motivating and for which one will come to look forward to.

Geoffrey will be leading bird walks in the morning, the first one
being at 9:00 a.m.  In the afternoon he will be attending the CRD
Regional Parks booth.  Please drop by this booth.  There are some very
interesting bird displays and games to test your knowledge of birds
and bird nests.

Cheers from David, Brigitte, Geoffrey and Jean Newell!

If you would like to contact us for any reason, please email us at
or at (250)598-0158

Photos from “Blooming Fawn Lilies” Nature Walk – April 27-2014

A lovely afternoon in Uplands Park as 12 people joined Friends of Uplands Park Co-Chair Kathleen Matthews, and, Wayne Matthews, on our Spring 2014 Blooming Fawn Lilies Nature Walk. The Fawn Lilies were indeed blooming, along with Chocolate Lilies, meadows glowing with Common Camas, Great Camas, Spring Gold, Western Buttercup, and Shooting Stars,  patches of Yellow Montane Violets and Water Plantain Buttercups. The Indian Plums were peach coloured, the Saskatoon Berry shrubs in bloom, and new Garry Oak and Nootka Rose leaves emerging. Thanks to Wayne Matthews for taking photos.

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Blooming Fawn Lilies Nature Walk – Sunday April 27-2014 – Friends of Uplands Park

2014 Blooming Fawn Lilies posterREVBlooming Fawn Lilies Nature Walk   Sunday April 27 1 to 3 pm

Meet at Uplands Park Sign on Beach Drive

Join Kathleen Matthews, Co-Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park on a nature ramble. Uplands Park springs awake in March with lovely Indian Plum blossoms, Satin flowers and Fawn Lilies. Emily Carr’s Easter Lilies in the meadows and along the trails in Uplands Park are delightful as puddles recede and blooms of other wildflowers appear.  The rocky outcrops are alive with green moss, and the Nootka rose and Garry oaks start to swell their buds.  Wear gumboots, bring your camera and a smile to greet the spring.

Here are some of the Garry Oak Meadow blooms we hope to see in Uplands Park on Sunday: [Photos by Wayne Matthews, taken on April 23, 2014

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2014 Blooming Fawn Lilies poster

Friends of Uplands Park Nature Walk Series (Spring 2014)

Friends of Uplands Park Nature Walk Series (Spring 2014)

Please join us this spring for our free nature walk series. Explore Uplands Park rain or shine with volunteer naturalists from Friends of Uplands Park. Rocky paths may be wet so wear suitable shoes/boots.  No washrooms; no dogs please. Meet at the Uplands Park sign on Beach Drive (across from the parking lot at the entrance to Cattle Point).  Free Drop-In.

Blooming Fawn Lilies in Uplands Park Sunday April 27, 2014  [1 to 3 pm]P1020285

Uplands Park springs awake in March and April with lovely Indian Plum blossoms, Satin flowers and Chocolate Lilies. Emily Carr’s delightful “Easter Lilies” [Fawn Lilies] brighten the trails in Uplands Park as puddles recede. The rocky outcrops are alive with green moss, and the Nootka Rose and Garry Oaks swell their buds and blooms of other rare wildflowers appear. Bring your camera and a smile to greet the spring.

The Sea of Camas in Uplands Park  Sunday May 11, 2014 [1 to 3 pm]CamasBlossom_KM Camas meadowThe Garry Oak Meadows of Uplands Park become a sea of blue Camas flowers that sparkle with yellow Western Buttercup and Springold. Camas bulbs are a traditional First Nations food staple and the Camas meadows in Uplands Park are a legacy of this cultural heritage. Learn about the different types of Camas, other wildflowers, the challenges of preservation and what we can do to help this endangered ecosystem.

Vernal Pools NOT Mud Puddles in Uplands Park  Sunday June 1, 2014  [1 to 3 pm]Green Vernal poolP1050752Vernal pool

Uplands Park “mud puddles” are actually vernal pools in the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem. Many of the 31 rare plant species in Uplands Park are associated with the Garry Oak meadow wetland vernal pool ecology. Come discover these pools, learn how they are formed and discuss how you can protect them.


Tidal Pools & Sea Birds at Cattle Point – Uplands Park  Sunday June 15, 2014 to [11:00 am – 1:30 pm]

DSCF3605Low tide at Cattle Point offers an opportunity to view a diverse ecology in tidal pools and sub tidal crevices. Learn how to tread softly on the rocks to find anemones, crabs, and to watch the birds interact with this foreshore ecological niche. Bring binoculars and wear water shoes/boots. RBCM marine scientists will be in attendance with displays and to contribute their expertise and knowledge.

Uplands Park in Bloom – Fawn Lilies Glorious [April 18-2014]

The Fawn Lilies are at their best this weekend. Also some Water Plantain Buttercups and lots of Camas and Shooting Stars. Some white shooting stars too. Here are some photos Wayne took today .

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