FOUP Contacts

Margaret Lidkea at mlidkea @ (as of July 2015)

Steering Committee Members (as of July 2015):
Ron Carter
John Dick
Matt Fairbarns
Chris Garrett
Elizabeth Garrett (Assistant Treasurer)
Anna Graham
Chris Hyde-Lay (Ex Officio – Oak Bay Parks)
Margaret Lidkea (Chair)
Wylie Thomas (Ex Officio – Oak Bay Parks)
Erica Van Dyke


Social Media: FOUP Websites, Facebook (2010 – ) – Kathleen Matthews

http: (Nov 2015 – present)
http: (Aug 2011 – Oct 2015)


Kathleen Matthews & Margaret Lidkea, (Co-Chairs: January 2010 – June 2015)


Previous Steering Committee Members
Abee Abed (Ex Officio)
Ralph Archibald (Ex Officio)
Dave Blundon (Ex Officio)
Ben Clinton-Baker (Ex-Officio)
Suzanne Harlan (Ex Officio)
John Henigman (Ex Officio)
Helen Johnson (Ex Officio)
Darcy Mathews (Ex Officio)
Carrina Maslovat (Ex Officio)
Carol Milo (Ex Officio)
James Miskelly (Ex Officio)
Christina Ross (Ex Officio)
Kevin Webber (Ex Officio)


Note from Kathleen Matthews, September 28-2015: This website/blog was created, on her own initiative, by Kathleen Matthews, Co-Founder of the Friends of Uplands Park. This website/blog was compiled and maintained, and edited/authored by Kathleen, during her time, as Co-Chair of the Friends of Uplands Park. Event posters were created by Margaret Lidkea, or partner organizations, and submitted to Kathleen for posting. Post event write-ups, were authored by Kathleen. Birding announcements were prepared by David Newell and submitted to Kathleen for posting. Most of the photos posted to this website/blog were taken by either Kathleen or Wayne Matthews, or otherwise attributed. The design and compilation of this website/blog is one of Kathleen’s personal volunteer contributions intended to honour and celebrate the work and accomplishments of all the volunteers involved with the Friends of Uplands Park and to share the knowledge and special nature of Uplands Park through photos and text. Kathleen stepped down as a Friends of Uplands Park Co-Chair, during the of Summer 2015, but will continue to curate this website/blog to ensure the history of the Friends of Uplands Park, and Uplands Park, during the period from 2009 through until September 2015, is available for the historical record. This website/blog, as a historical compilation, remains the responsibility of Kathleen Matthews. It is anticipated that a new Friends of Uplands Park website will continue to document and celebrate the activities of FOUP volunteers from October 2015 into the future. The forwarding link of the new FOUP website will be posted to this website/blog.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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